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Canva Design Board Kickstarter: Exclusively for Confident Decorating Students

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Want to skip the Canva tech tutorial rabbit hole

Kickstart your design with this speed-up tool!!

It's easy to get stuck in a rut trying to learning new programs when all you really want to do is feel good about your design choices.

As a student inside Confident Decorating, you know the identifying your design step is important, but your having trouble moving forward... and that's where I come in!

If you're worried about going down a tech rabbit hole, let me help you kickstart your design by creating your initial mood and design board!

Skip the initial hurdle of compiling your design and get to the fun part!


✨ You'll receive an email with the link to a design questionnaire

✨ Provide me links to your mood board items and potential source list

✨ I'll compile your choices in Canva with a video walk-through

✨ Within one week, you'll receive your Canva boards, just as I teach it in Confident Decorating, so you can start playing with your design choices!


This speed up tool is the perfect add-on for week two and three's homework. 


This is a 1:1 service. Nothing physical will ship. 



    Woman using a laptop while sitting at a table, with a text overlay that reads "My Homier Home Canva Design Board Kickstarter: Exclusively for Confident Decorating Students Only—skip the Canva tech tutorial and dive into creating your perfect mood and design board.
    Infographic titled "3 easy steps" showing: 1. Fill out your questionnaire with your design idea links. 2. Receive your My Homier Home&