About Us

At My Homier Home, we know that you want to become a confident home decorator. To do that, you need an easy plan that helps you make decorating decisions.

The problem is that the decor in the store looks different when it's in your home, which leaves you feeling scattered and overwhelmed.

We believe your home should help you unwind, not be a source of stress. We understand the uneasy feeling of your never-ending to-do list, which is why we break down the complex process into a simple plan.

  • Identify your style profile
  • Make CONFIDENT home decorating decisions and take action
  • Take a breath and enjoy your home

So, join us in CONFIDENT Decorating, and in the meantime spin the wheel to earn a special bonus.

It's time to finally stop wasting time and money with bad decorating decisions and instead find comfort in your home so you can make memories with your family.