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Dream Home Idea Vault Workshop

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Overwhelmed with ideas on how to transform your house into your dream home? 

Learn how to get organized and make progress simply and effectively! 

Finally answer the questions...

I have so many ideas, where should I begin?

How can I focus on one project at a time?

How long will it take to make this house my dream home?

🥁 Introducing the Dream Home Idea Vault, a powerful goal planning system to help you prioritize and organize your dream home vision - so you know what to tackle first.

You'll have a clear roadmap to turn your dream home into reality - making it easier to stay on track and achieve your goals.

Quick Win: In this workshop, you'll walk away with a foolproof system to organize, prioritize, and move forward on your dream home projects.

We'll discuss how to keep all your ideas for each room organized for when you're ready to tackle that space as well as how to create a someday/maybe section using my prioritization strategies. 

Say goodbye to the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start and hello to a clear path towards creating your dream home, one room, one project at a time.

With the Dream Home Idea Vault, you'll finally have a plan in place, making it easier than ever to make progress and tick off those to-dos.


✅ Keep track of your dream home goals, visions, and ideas easily on-the-go, so they are ready and waiting for you.

✅ Ditch the overwhelm of trying to do all the things with my home project prioritization strategy

✅ Organize your to-do list so you can bring your dream home to life


✨ Recorded training to help you organize your dream goals, visions, & ideas

✨ Workbook + Templates to make utilizing this system simple and easy

✨ A lifelong system to CONFIDENTLY decorate your WHOLE home

This is a recorded workshop. Nothing physical will ship. 

Transform your My Homier Home Dream Home Idea Vault Workshop with the ultimate vault system to stay organized and take action on your goals.
The Dream Home Idea Vault Workshop by My Homier Home will transform your home into an organized haven.
Transform your Dream Home Idea Vault Workshop with full training in the My Homier Home home organization system.
A transformed screen shot of an organized phone displaying a Dream Home Idea Vault Workshop from My Homier Home.